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The perfect starting point for everyone who is new to the joys of Line dancing

Line dancing is one of the most popular dance genres on the planet! And no wonder, when you consider how many dancers from all around the world enjoy the hugely diverse music selection that talented choreographers bring to the dance floor.

10 reasons why people love Line dancing

It’s just the best fun

Most people take up line dancing because it’s great fun, really good fun - with real smiles and lots of out loud laughter. Just take yourself along to local class and try it for yourself. You’ll soon see that along with the steps and the music comes high-energy fun and laughter. It’s a giggle. It’s a hoot. It’s a blast.

You’ll make new friends

You will meet lots of lively and friendly people on the dance floor. People who will welcome you and help you to learn - everyone was a beginner once. Line dancers are known as the most friendly group of people you will ever meet. They always create a great atmosphere and are welcoming and helpful, especially with beginners.

You'll enjoy the exercise

There are few other ways you can take regular exercise in all weathers and have such good fun. If you haven’t exercised for a while and need to get fit, line dancing is an ideal way to start. It keeps joints moving, your muscles active and blood circulating, but most of all, it gets all the chuckle muscle working.

It’s easy to learn

Don’t be afraid - anyone can learn to line dance. You don’t have to be John Travolta or Darcey Bussell. The beauty of Lin Dancing is that anyone can do it. And you’ll be surprised how quickly you get to grips with it. It only takes a bit of practice - honestly. Pretty soon, you’ll be up there, strutting your stuff with the best of them.

You don’t need a partner

It’s oh so liberating - no need to worry about being turned down if you ask a lady to dance or worry about being a wallflower. No, none of that malarkey, you just get up and dance. Total freedom to please yourself and no need to worry about an awkward partner stepping on your toes either. You can dance, you can sit, you can watch with no one to answer to.

It’s a feel good factor

No matter where you are - at your local class, a social event or a line dance festival - you’ll always be in good company and the feel good factor starts long before the music starts. You’ll feel the buzz. It’s an old adage but the atmosphere is electric and you’ll get swept always with it. You’ll stop worrying about who’s watching and you’ll dance for yourself and for the fun of it.

It'll improve your memory

What a bonus, training your memory to learn lots of different dance patterns and recall when the music starts is like brain-jogging - it’s a fabulous mental exercise. A fun way to challenge your memory and keep the grey cells active. You’ll be amazed how much you can retain and recall. Of course, nobody is perfect, so you’ll laugh at how often you go wrong too.

You'll feel a sense of achievement

All those early feelings of frustration and confusion, wondering if you are ever going to get to grips with it, will go and you’ll be a dancer and you’ll feel so proud of yourself and thrilled at the progress you've made. You can dance like nobody is watching.

It relieves stress

Line dancing also helps to relieve stress and tension. It takes your mind of your problems and that releases endorphins. You’re your body releases endorphins it makes you feel happy and cheerful. So line dancing can help to helps reduce depression.

Passing it on

It won’t be long before you start to share the joy with everyone you know. You’ll become a line dance evangelist, encouraging everyone you know to join the line. You might even become a line dance bore. But hey ho, no matter, now you can dance and know how good it is you'll want to pass it on.